Happy Bean Cafe

Glenelg has often been picked as one of the most popular tourist destination spots in South Australia. With the fresh breeze from the seaside, the vast area of greenland and the warm, inviting sands at the beach, you are bound to have a great time down by the Bay!

One of the well-loved features of the popular Bay-based suburb is the food culture in Glenelg. There are a number of well-known and new businesses that have opened their doors to the public and aim to deliver fresh, healthy, and delicious options of food and drink. One business that has recently returned to the eatery scene is Happy Bean cafe.

Walking down one of the lesser busy lanes along the seaside, I was attracted to see a food joint that boasts of a casual yet sophisticated setting and offers affordable Asian cuisine. Having been back in business for a little over two months, Happy Bean cafe is sure to put a smile on your faces! The space of this quaint but cute little food joint looks recognizably new and modern and offers an inviting vibe. There is a natural balance between the rustic elements and the minimalistic outlook with terrariums, plant holders, and light bulbs overhanging from the ceiling.

The menu, while concise, offers a selection of bread rolls, cold rolls, and salad bowls. The average price of the items on their menu is affordable and ranges from $6 – $10. All food and drink are made onsite, so grab a cuppa savor the  aroma from freshly roasted coffee beans. Heads up – there is also a mention of a “matcha latte” on their menu!

For lunch down the Bay, I ordered a chicken schnitzel salad bowl. Filled with nutritious and delicious ingredients such as broccoli, peas, rice noodles, peanut, and soy sauce, this meal was hearty and filling. The chicken presented with a crispy outer layer enveloping succulent, juicy meat underneath. The vegetables were fresh and had the crunchy texture that bursts with flavour on the first bite.

The staff members there are hospitable and ever so friendly, so do not hesitate to ask them for a recommendation – they are passionate about the job they do and aim to provide their customers with only the best dine-in / takeaway experience.

You can find Happy Bean at Shop 13/ 7 Moseley Sq, Glenelg, SA 5045

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan


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