Lex The Label lands in Glenelg


With the beautiful sunshine peeking back into Adelaide, Jetty Road in Glenelg has started to attract a great deal of customers – local and tourists alike. So, it’s no better timing for Alli Schapel to have opened up her pop-up shop right in the heart of the busy shopping precinct down the Bay.

The 24-year-old born and bred Adelaidean who graduated from the Melbourne School of Fashion earlier in the year has done a fantastic job in replicating ideas of effortless, urban, and edgy fashion into her style. Having also recently participated in the Adelaide Fashion Festival as part of the Street And Skate Runway, Lex The Label made quite a statement with their spring/summer collection launch…and rightly so! There are lots of items of clothing and accessories that add sophistication to a casual outfit or bring the ‘fun’ side of fashion through their signature chokers, handbags, and belts.

Alex has previously operated her fashion label through Black Arrow Blog, where she drew inspiration by meeting an Australian blogger during her traveling adventures across New York in 2014. Furthermore, she met an exceptional tailor in Bali, where they bonded over talks around fabric and design. And through these small but important moments in her life, Alex got the confidence to start up her own line of fashion that she marketed through social media platforms. Now that she’s built strong connections with bloggers, labels, and brands, Alex has taken the next step in providing her customers with a relaxed in-store experience through her new pop-up shop, which will be operating within business hours over the next two months.

Walk in to the store and the minimalist in you will squeal with joy, for the store itself has been set up to represent a monochromatic layout with clothes and accessories neatly sectioned throughout the store. While the space itself may not have been completely revamped, the raw ceiling details, the three simple light bulbs that dangle down to provide that extra bit of light to the showroom, and the single rug with two chairs and a table are the perfect elements that add a complete look to the store.

There are strong pieces of fashion material that range in colors of black, nude, khaki, and white. While the collection may focus on simple and neutral-colored clothing and accessories, it’s all the stuff that is missing from our summer wardrobes as our ‘go-to’ items. The fashionwear from this label possesses elements of leather and basics, which have minimal cut incorporated into its design.

You can find Lex The Label at 120 Jetty Road, Glenelg.

Words above & Photos below taken by Fatema Sitabkhan.


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