3 Days With Arbonne

Pure. Safe. Beneficial.

These are the 3 key terms that Arbonne associates their products with. Now, I know that most of you may have a skeptical outlook on brands and consultants – believe me, I am with you on that! But here’s why I’m glad I was proven wrong.

The beauty products out in the market nowadays resonate with lots of beautiful aromas and velvety textures. And for the price tag that is attached to most of them, you’d want them to be well worth every penny. But think about this – how many of these products:

  • are full of nutrients specifically designed for skin care?
  • promote a natural glow without the involvement of harsh chemicals in its recipes?
  • are free of animal testing?
  • simply put – make you feel good?

The answer, sadly, is very few.

Now, I’ll be honest – I take zero care of my skin. It’s just something that I don’t spend time thinking about, but, I’m well aware of how dry my skin is, particularly on my face. I often dab a bit of moisturizer from whatever brand and end up feeling the weight of the oils and chemicals on my face. There’s no hydration, I feel no more different, and the scent gets old after a while. It’s just not a good feeling.

And that’s what makes Arbonne appealing. Arbonne primarily specializes in beauty products that take care of your skin, makeup essentials, and body. The brand takes pride in incorporating environment-friendly and organic ingredients to make their products unique and stand out from the rest in this competitive industry. Having been in business for over 35 years, Arbonne has established itself as a brand of products that are made from “botanically based ingredients” and have a strong focus “on growing greener every day and in many ways”. 

I had heard lots about the product range from friends around the world who use it as part of their daily routine, so when my friend Mona suggested me to use the anti-ageing pack RE9 Advanced, I was looking forward to a positive change to my skin. This pack is ideal for those who are looking to help their skin retain the youthful and radiant qualities by bringing it back to life through 6 key products.

Each product is made from scientific and botanical ingredients that aim to provide the user with visible differences with continuous use over a period of time:

  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser
  • Regenerating Toner

These two products aim at cleansing and toning your skin through the balanced pH formula, which combines antioxidants and brings about a new glow to your skin.

  • Intense Renewal Serum
  • Corrective Eye Crème

Next, these two products work on treating your skin, by repairing the smoothness and firmness of the skin, particularly around the eyes. Bye, bye, dark circles and eye bags!

  • Restorative Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen
  • Night Repair Crème

The final two products are all about moisturizing and protecting your skin. The day creme that doubles in value as a sunscreen helps with hydrating the dry skin, in addition to reducing the risk of wrinkle formation, and improving upon the firmness of the skin. Your complexion will undergo a subtle but vital transformation that will make you feel years younger with an extended period of use.

Following a rigorous but simple routine of using these products twice a day (morning and evening) for a period of 3 days, I started falling in love with the simplicity of each of these products. They felt light and soothing, there was no overpowering aroma, and my skin felt like it was being brought to life again. The products are very easy and delicate on the skin. 

My favourite product was the smoothing facial cleanser. Unlike most facial cleansers, this one created just the right amount of lather. I could see how much clearer my skin was, after using this, coupled with the rest of the products.

The best thing about this pack is that you only need a 5 cent-sized dollop of the product to use on your face, so it is bound to last you for quite a while. Given how sensitive my skin is, I was surprised to see no rashes or pimples build up (which is a common side effect that only lasts up to 12 hours or less, but only because the products are doing the job of opening your pores and flushing out the grit that has accumulated over time). 

While you may want to jump in on the trend and buy the products upfront, consider becoming a member (a “preferred client”) first, because you will not only receive 20% discount on all purchases throughout the year, but you also get 40% off the RE9 Advanced pack above. In addition, preferred clients occasionally qualify to receive complimentary pressies with some orders (perfect timing with Christmas around the corner)!

Special thanks to Adelaide-based Arbonne consultant Mona Lamshed for providing me with a comprehensive insight of what Arbonne stands for, as well as providing with samples from the skincare range to help me gain a hands-on experience on the effects on my skin (which, by the looks of it, really needed the therapy)! To find out more about the Arbonne range and get started with finding the right products to rejuvenate your skin, feel free to check out the official website here.

Treat yo’skin!

Words & Photography by Fatema Sitabkhan



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