Orange Theory

In theory, all gyms are the same. But not at Orange Theory.

If you’re sick of major Gyms and multi national conglomerates taking your money Then waving you off at the door, then orange theory fitness is for you. Orange theory is a game changer in the fitness industry for South Australia. It’s group personal training systems offer and incredible cardio workout combined with strength, power and endurance. A Great blend of state-of-the-art equipment including treadmills, water rowers, free weights, steps and TRX, The theory really stays true to its personal training mantra.

It’s unique system allows you to be held accountable for your own workout; all participants wear their very own heart monitor on our able to view their progress on the screen at all times including their heart rate/beats per minute, their percentage of effort and also the unique splatter point system.

Current participants of the testify positively to the experience, saying they are engaged, encouraged, and welcomed by an incredible community feeling instilled by not only the trainers but also other participants.

Personally, My usual idea of cardio includes walking laps around Marion shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon with a cafe latte whilst trying on different shoes and outfits, and I must admit I was quite sceptical and afraid to join into this new fitness routine. But once I got there and was run through the general ins and outs by instructor and manager Luke, I was quite at ease and ready to begin my workout. It was hard, it was fast and boy was it amazing!

Never before in a one hour work out have I felt every muscle in my body work to its full potential and, being able to choose the levels that I pushed myself to, I found myself running all out, excited to collect my splat points!

Orange theory is a fitness system like no other, and to really understand how it works you must go and try! It will also help you to understand this is “splat point” system I’m raving about!

The aim is to continue this work out until the end of January and return to you all with amazing news about the changes in my body (which I can already feel after just 3 sessions!) and mind.

But why take my word for it?! jump onto the orange theory website and book a class for yourself!

Words & Photography by Jessie Krieg.


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