Gelatissimo, Glenelg

Gelatissimo Glenelg has been around the Bay area for under over 10 days but it has opened its doors just in time for summer!

Located minutes from the jetty, the space of the ice cream parlour boasts of a relaxing seating against a pleasing monochromatic feature of black and white panelling. Coupled with grassy patches that bring out the rustic vibe of the brick walls, there are booths for a more intimate date or tables for 2-4 people for the more social vibe. The store is very open and inviting and offers lots of natural lighting that brightens up the space and brings a fresh breeze of air.

Never mind the sunshine that envelops the Bay, because at Gelatissimo, you can be guaranteed with a scoop of chilled goodness in a cone or a cup, which comes in a range of classic and unique flavours.

The Gelatissimo business has been around since 2002, with its first store opening in Sydney. Since then, the franchise has grown exponentially and has gained a loyal following over the past years. Upon visiting the store (twice!) the other day, it was no surprise to see the store filled up within minutes, as people came to quench their thirst and cool off with a refreshing blend of ice cream flavours.

The flavours of the ice cream and gelato are made using locally sourced ingredients and follow the secret traditional Calabrian family recipe. All ice cream and gelato blends are made fresh daily in-store and use natural ingredients in their recipes.

Gelatissimo Glenelg also have a “flavour of the month” and while it is nearly the end of December, you still have time to get your hands on the Jaffa scoop, which looks like heavenly soft serve of chocolate ice cream. In the spirit of Christmas, there is also a flavour called the Candy Wonderland, which is basically like Christmas in your mouth.

Adelaide’s summer may be having a temperamental crisis this time, but one thing’s certain – people down the Bay love their ice cream and gelato – so head down and visit the newest Gelatissimo store in Glenelg and make sure you decorate your ice cream / gelato with chocolate sprinkles, Nutella sauce, and gummy bears (to name a few). With over 32 flavours to choose from, the possibilities are endless and you can choose to enjoy your ice cream or gelato in a cone, a cup, or even in a warm donut! How’s that for diversity!

With a friendly team of staff members, delectable choice of flavours, a relaxed interior space, and the perfect location by the coastline, you’ll be able to savour the family recipes at Gelatissimo that make you revel in an endless summer!

Gelatissimo Glenelg
Address:                        Shop B, 45 Jetty Road, Glenelg, SA 5045
Opening hours:           Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm, Fri-Sun 9am-11:45pm
Contact:                         (08) 8123 8017
Social Media:                Facebook

Words & Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan


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