Sublime Coffee

The atmosphere is fresh, the barista is a social, the music scene a delight and the coffee….. sublime!

It’s been 3 months since the little coffee shop/roastery opened its doors on Bray street, Plympton Park – and the locals can’t get enough. 
Every morning, the newly addicted regulars make their way to the quaint little coffee spot to load themselves up on what might actually be the best coffee in Adelaide. 

Using his specially selected, signature blend of beans, owner and master barista Dan creates his art. Make sure you get there for “Fair trade Fridays” if you’re a real coffee aficionado. 

You may come for the coffee, but you’ll stay for the company. Dan will greet you with a smile before you’ve even entered the shop, and have your “usual” committed to memory in no time. 

With a broad selection of games, books (that anyone is welcome to borrow and read at home), local art work and even a shop guitar, there’s no reason to grab your coffee and run.

His early success has even lead to the opening of a small cafe “Sweet Georgia” within the cafe itself – serving up tasty classics like toasties, custom designed sandwiches, cookies and cakes. I even sniffed the sweet smell of bacon and eggs one morning – perhaps a secret “off menu” item?

As the weather heats up this summer, Sublime will keep you cool; now also offering his incredible espresso as iced coffee, or indulge in a sinfully sublime milkshake! 

Don’t forget – baby chinos (or “fluffys”, as the NZ native calls them) are on the house – packed to the brim with marshmallows – so all those with kids in tow are well taken care of!

Sublime Coffee is open every day of the week from 6am until 3:30ish on week days, and 1:30(ish) on weekends.
Words and photos by Jessie Krieg.


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