Ferguson Seafood

Words & photos by Jessie Krieg.

When visiting Kangaroo Island, sampling local produce is a must. From the sweet local honey farms to the brewery’s, wineries and distilleries- there truly is something for everyone!

Once place that we WISH we could sample the produce is Ferguson Seafood (unfortunately their “samples” were still living and breathing and probably more likely to take a sample out of me)!

The third generation seafood company started in 1969 and is now a recognised leader in the seafood processing/exporting business, shipping locally sourced seafood all around the world!

The Kangaroo Island shop specialises in the King Crab and Southern Rock Lobster, with local fishermen bringing in some absolute monsters, fresh out of the local waters, on daily basis.

These kings of the ocean are found about 200m down in the coastal waters of South Australia – and can sell for up to $500!

In 2003, Andrew and Debra Ferguson founded Ferguson Australia as a way to fill the international market with this award winning super sized seafood, achieving both great prices for the farmers and maintaining sustainability.

This is just one of the many internationally recognised local Kangaroo Island producers – and is still run by the Ferguson family, who remain passionate about delivering premium Australian seafood.


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