Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action

Words & photos by Jessie Krieg.

The word is in – Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action is the most fun you can have on Kangaroo Island!

No matter your age and even if you’re not the “outdoorsy” kind – I challenge you to find a more action packed, adventurous, or fun activity to do on the island.

We first started with the quad bike tour, which is unbeaten if you want to explore the bush and terrain of KI. Quads are available to be ridden by people 6 years and older, and a buggy is available for anyone younger or not wishing to handle a bike on their own.

Cruise through old dams, out onto the limestone flats and take in the incredible scenery that is Kangaroo Island. It’s not even out of the ordinary to see the native wildlife whilst out on adventure; koalas, goannas, scorpions and echidnas all out and about enjoying the fresh air.

Our tour guide, Sam, was knowledgeable and entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed his insight to the land on our private expedition. If you are an experienced rider, we strongly suggest booking a private tour.

Our next stop was Little Sahara – the Kangaroo Island sand dunes – these were our favourite! Again, this adventure has options to suit all; we chose to hire a toboggan and sand board – however, entry is free if you simply wish to walk and marvel at the dunes and their seemingly unexpected location among the trees. Fat tyre cycle tours are available too – some of which have engines, should you REALLY wish to do it in luxury!

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a sand board down the dunes! It’s a combination of fear and excitement and such a rush of endorphins! The only bad part of going DOWN the dunes, is having to walk back UP them at the end. Be prepared for one heck of a quad work out, oh, and you’ll be finding sand in places you didn’t even know you had for the next few days.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Kayak Tour on The Harriet River. If there is one word to describe this, it would be: breathtaking.

How’s the serenity? How’s the scenery? How’s your upper body strength?  The Kayaking was certainly the most relaxing of the tours, as we floated gently along with the breeze, taking in the peaceful surrounds of the water and its banks. If you’re lucky, you might see a fish or two swimming beneath, or an eagle or hawk soaring above.
Our tip? Pick a calm day and be sure to remember that as far as you paddle down the river, is as far as you have to paddle back; so don’t over do it!

As with all outdoor activities, it’s crucial that you check the weather before you go and work to your capabilities. Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action run their tours come rain or shine so it’s completely up to you! Check out their website at www.kioutdooraction.com.au for more info or to book yourself on an unforgettable tour.


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