Max Brenner, Rundle Street

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Was anyone else as excited as I was (literally jumping up and down like a #creep), when word got out of a Max Brenner joining the Rundle Street (and Adeladean) family a couple of weeks ago? No, just me? #sorrynotsorry

Well, if you’re a chocolate lover who has experienced the magic of Max Brenner interstate or overseas, then here’s your opportunity to (finally) save those airfares because we have our own store now and it is in one of the most popular streets in the Adelaide CBD.

A stone’s throw away from competitors Cocolat & San Churros, the store is a generously-sized one, seating up to 100 people at a time (indoors + outdoors). The 44th store is hoping to further enrich their “chocolate culture” that they take pride in creating; through their silky, smooth texture of pure chocolate.

The store has been set up to three sections – outdoor seating, indoor seating, and “Max’s Chocolate Shop”, where you can purchase delicious sweet treats to take home. Pretty sweet deal (pun intended)!

Max’s Chocolate Shop is pretty much a chocolate lover’s heaven – there are a range of options of chocolate bricks, bonbons, wafers, and melts that you can choose to gift to others *cough* take home as the perfect snack to have a Netflix binge with *cough*.

Outdoor seating may be limited with the small number of tables, but, if you’re lucky enough to grab a table out in the sunshine, can you imagine a more perfect way to enjoy a fondue with that special friend / significant other?

Indoor seating consists of delicate-looking wooden chairs and tables that may as well make you feel like you’ve been transported to a café in France. The walls encompassing the space have been craftily designed in quotes, stories, and murals that are all about appreciating chocolate. While the space is very open and inviting, there is a beautiful balance with intimacy that can be achieved, especially with the tables that are located by the window.

Looking for a place to have a romantic date? How about a gathering with friends and family? Want to enjoy a cup of chocolatey goodness and some dessert in sweet, sweet solitude? No matter what your reason for visiting Max Brenner, it’s going to be a good visit. You have chocolate, you have company, you have carefree, chilled themes of music, you’re in good hands!

Max Brenner has maintained its quality menu by providing us with a diverse range of desserts – from instagrammable fondues, tasty pastries, and creamy milkshakes – the #foodporn and #foodcoma hashtags (and your appetite for all things sweet) will get a desirable workout here. No matter what time of day you decide to visit this sought-after dessert place, you will be in for a treat. We were fortunate enough to sample two of the iconic dessert items from their menu.

The Tutti-Frutti waffle ($19.50) comes with the option of 1 or 2 Belgian waffles that are cooked to present with a crunchy crust and a soft, light dough enveloped within. Served with a side of a scoop of rich chocolate ice-cream, strawberries, and bananas, along with a drizzle of pure chocolate over the waffles, this dish is certainly a great way to start off (or end) the day with a meal that is balanced to represent healthy as well as delicious aspects.

The white chocolate crumb cheesecake ($11.20) comes with strawberries that can be dipped in a seducing pot of melting chocolate on the side. The cheesecake had layers of crumbly and creamy. Personally, I think the strawberries & chocolate could be considered as a dish in itself, as the cheesecake filled us up with just a couple of bites.

You really get your money’s worth when ordering at Max Brenner, because you not only get top quality desserts, but also fresh fruit, a generous serve / drizzle of their signature chocolate, and an overall enjoyable experience of dining with a hospitable and friendly customer service. There is *so much more* that I would like to try out from their menu, so there’s no doubt I’ll be back soon. Even if it means getting your face covered in chocolate (again)!

Max Brenner

Address:                 277 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact:                  08 8223 6655
Opening hours:    Sun-Thurs 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-12am
Social media:        Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus

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