Peanut Gallery Presents “Cosmic Visions”

Taking a stroll down Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall, you are welcomed with two very magnificently lit storeys of local and national businesses that call this historical heritage space their home.

Among the many stores that reside in this small but attractive spot is a fairly new art gallery that goes by the name Peanut Gallery. Opened in September 2016, Peanut Gallery specializes in running 3-week exhibitions that showcase the talent of many local, national, and international artists who have a flair to create pieces and artwork that allows the human mind to tap into the subconscious mind.

Cosmic Visions is the latest exhibition and unlike the traditional 3-week period, this one is shorter, running from January 27 – February 12. However, while the exhibition may be short and sweet, it is bursting with talent by 3 artists; including 2 from Adelaide and 1 from Fitzroy. The concept of Cosmic Visions brings together artwork that is in print / illustration format. Sexual themes may be subtle, but it adds a level of beauty that will redefine your thinking towards this stigmatized yet pure and basic feeling. Other themes include geometry, mortality and a curiosity of the cosmos.

16230957_999307693547321_7919075393447919616_nArtist in focus: Jaya Suartika
A tattoo artist at XO L’avant, Jaya is known for creating pieces that showcase a raw and beautiful balance between fantasy and reality. There are five pieces on display (and available for purchase), which focuses on “the subconscious state that governs the individual’s cosmic realm”.

Lady Luxure, Elle Regarde by Jaya Suartika

Artist in focus: Kate Bohunnis
A fine lady whose artwork aims to provide reflections of internal and external elements. There is one piece in particular – PYCNO – which incorporates the different stages of the moon orbiting around a central force. Life sustains on each moon and intricate details come to life the more you focus on the picture.

PYCNO by Kate Bohunnis

Artist in focus: Christian Vine (VEINS)
Originally from Fitzroy, VEINS’s art brings together components of life and its potential, which is portrayed through sharp contrasts of empty space with solid black content. Thoroughly attractive, obvious superficial features, softer undertones underneath (or within).

Christian Vine aka VEINS’s work

All artwork is available for viewing and purchase during the opening hours of Peanut Gallery. Make sure you check out the art gallery next time you find yourself under the archway of the Adelaide Arcade.

Peanut Gallery
Address: Shop 115, Balcony Level, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall SA 5000
Dates: January 27 – February 12
Social media: Facebook, Instagram


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