Milkless – The Market Shed

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

It has been months since last visiting the Market Shed on Holland Street, but as my many other visits to this quaint space, has always been an enjoyable one. After all, you not only get greeted by the regulars who have been a part of this growing community since the start, but you also get to meet the new faces who have found a home within the shed.

The concept of the Market Shed is a clever one – tucked away in a fairly roomy and aerated shed, you can find a number of local businesses who specialize in delivering organic, raw, and healthy options of breakfast, brunch, and lunch to their customers. It’s a modern version of the traditional Central markets, where you can buy your basic groceries (fruit and veg), enjoy a cuppa, have brunch / lunch, and devour sweet desserts – all of which are healthy, nutritious, organic, and (simply-put) yummy!


Last Sunday, when I visited the Market Shed, I came across a new stall that had two of my favourite food and drink – cheese (but not just one or two types of cheese, but a whole cheese tasting platter!) and smoothies. While the stall was named “Milkshake and Snack Bar”, I spoke to Laura, who runs this stall and owns Milkless Cheese specializes in “milkless” items.

Now, I’m not going to lie – I love milk! It goes great with my coffee, it forms a foam, and it is pretty versatile as an ingredient. HOWEVER, with our insane summer season that we’ve had this year, it isn’t the ideal ingredient and it does end up making our tummies feel funny (to quote Anchorman, “Milk was a bad choice!”). However, I was intrigued by these products that were made without milk. So, I decided to give this stall a visit and boy! Was I in for a treat!

As I conversed with Laura, I learned that Milkless Cheese is an Adelaide-based cheesery that offers their customers with a gourmet selection of cheese that is milk-free, in addition to a number of vegetarian and vegan options of platters, foods, and drinks. While the menu is only launching on the following Sunday at the Market Shed, this stall can be your pitstop for enjoying milkless smoothies that are full of fresh fruit, unique and interesting combinations of toppings, and generally look (and taste) divine.


Laura is really friendly and when you first walk up to the stall, exploring the options of food and drink available, she is kind enough to offer some crackers and milkless cheese.

There were a number of different cheeses available for tasting:

  • Tangy Dill
  • Cashew-based with lemon, dill, Dijon mustard
  • Coconut cream-based with lime and black pepper
  • Spicy tomato
  • Pumpkin and garlic
  • Chickpea-based with chilli & tomato infusions

While I didn’t try them all, I did try the spicy tomato and the cashew-based ones with crackers, both of which were divine. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that they were 100% milkless! All that was missing was a complementing glass of white wine!


I was also kindly offered a smoothie – the Berry Smoothie, which was served with freshly made berry juice and topped with whipped cream, caramelized popcorn, slices of strawberry, leaves of basil, and rice syrup. The drink was light and had just the right balance of fluffy and and creamy. The crunchiness from the fresh fruit, the popcorn, and the basil leaves complemented the smooth, silky texture of the smoothie well.


Can’t get to the Market Shed but don’t want to miss out on the amazing products offered by Milkless Cheese? Check out their menu online and order via their request form here. Alternatively, Milkless Cheese will also be gracing their presence at the Plant 4 Bowden markets, so there are a bunch of ways to enjoy the sweet and savoury goodies offered by Laura through her stall and business. Remember, all products available here are made from locally sourced produce, so you can be assured that you’ll be supporting local when you purchase from Milkless Cheese.


This week, Laura will also be unveiling her new menu of savoury products (and there were some whisperings of vegetarian // vegan nachos!), so if you’re wanting to venture into town this Sunday, why not stop by the Market Shed and visit the brick room? Laura will be working tirelessly to create some exquisite milkless products that deliver in presentation and flavour!

Milkless Cheese
Official website:
Price range: $8 – $15 (free to taste the different cheeses on the cheese platter)
Social media: Facebook, Instagram


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