Buzz Honey

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the beautiful Adelaide Hills for a brewery tour at South Australia’s award winning Prancing Pony. However, what I didn’t realize what that the brewery was surrounded by a number of local businesses, one of which is Buzz Honey.

Who doesn’t like honey? It’s a great and versatile ingredient that you can put into almost any food or drink. Making a broth? How about a sauce for some chicken wings? Looking for a sugar substitute for tea or coffee? No matter what your choice, honey’s got you covered.

Buzz Honey is a family-run business that specializes in making 6 flavours of honey, all of which are blended using locally sourced ingredients. All honey is made from organic and raw produce and have a distinct characteristic based on their origin:

  • Blue Gum (Adelaide Hills)
  • Orange Blossom (Riverland)
  • Meadow (Limestone Coast)
  • Bush Mallee (Murray Mallee)
  • Leatherwood (Tarkine Rainforest Tasmania)


In addition to providing its customers with this impeccable selection of honey, what attracted me to Buzz Honey’s small but beautiful space is that there is a variety of items available from purchase – all from local businesses! Skincare and bodycare products from Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honey, bee-friendly cards for friends and family, ice cream by Popsicool for those hot summer days, and even grab a cup of coffee while you shop around for some delicious and authentic local goodies!

Sure, the store is located nearly 45 minutes out of the Adelaide CBD, but the drive is well worth it – not only for the views, but also for the gorgeous Beehive that is installed within the store. You can see hundreds of little guys working hard at creating pure honey – nature truly is spectacular!

Not sure which flavour of honey is to your liking? Lucky for customers, there’s a tasting platter that is located by the counter. So, go ahead and sample the different flavours of honey to find the one that suits your palate!  There are also options of opting for a cheese and honey platter, so make sure you speak to the lovely lady who works there for ways to get the full experience! which allows customers with the opportunity with a range of flavours that are available in-store.


Now, you have one more reason to make your trip to the Adelaide Hills a superb one – supporting local businesses like Buzz Honey feels pretty sweet to me (pun intended)!

Buzz Honey
Address:            42 Mount Barker Road, Totness, SA 5250
Phone:               08 8388 0274
Social media:   Facebook, Twitter


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