Deux Earrings

E-interview conducted by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Deux Earrings is an Adelaide-based business that was started up by two sisters – Talia and Alanis Turtur – whose Instagram account for the business is a beautiful sight for sore eyes! Boasting of colorful ear accessories and designs that never fail to wow us, we decided to shine the spotlight on their gorgeous earrings and bring you the story of the faces behind this increasingly popular fashion brand from our beloved little Adelaide!


Who are the faces behind Deux Earrings? What’s your story?
I am Talia, I’m 22 years old. I started my other business (Tati Terrariums Adelaide), while I was at university studying a Commerce degree. That business taught me so much and was absolutely amazing. Then I started DEUX Earrings and got a full time job as an accountant. So, I cut back on the Terrariums to concentrate on working and building DEUX. I run it with my younger sister Alanis, who is 17 and has just finished Year 12. She is now working for our family business in the central market and also running DEUX full time. She will be starting university next year in a Business degree.

How did you come about to starting Deux Earrings? 
I saw a gap in the market in Adelaide for statement handmade earrings. I already owned a small market business (Tati Terrariums Adelaide), so I was comfortable with starting up another one. I asked Alanis (my younger sister) if she wanted to be involved as I wouldn’t have the time to do it all by myself, and she was on board! We ordered and made a bunch of stuff and everything organically grew from there.


Are your pieces all handmade? If so, how long does it take to make a pair of earrings?
Some pieces we stock from amazing intestate designers. They are so great to work with and always are so accommodating when we want specific designs and colours to suit our style. The other earrings we put together all ourselves. The time it takes to make a pair always differs. We’ve become very handy with two sets of plyers and have great systems in place. Sometimes, we put a pair together in an instant and know its meant to be. Other times, we are constantly changing components. We are constantly making new designs. There are really only a handful or products that we continue to reproduce in the same way, but it’s becomes challenging when there is endless combinations and ideas, especially because we want to try them all!


I can see lots of patterns of simplicity and versatility in your designs – where did you draw the inspiration to come up with the designs in your jewellery? 
I guess we draw our inspiration from the different places we visit and the countless things we see every day. With regards to the colour inspiration, we use platforms such as Instagram – we see what’s trending (metallics, jewel tones, etc) and incorporate it into our products.


What motivates you to create your jewellery and share your designs with the rest of us?
It’s a really fun side-project for us! I work full time and Alanis just finished Year 12. We’ve always been crafty and creative, so we bring those elements into the work-side of things. Running a business can be stressful at times, but it’s worth it when we get messages from people saying how much they love their new earrings! Our mum is also such a big helper and offers us with endless encouragement. It’s always a fun girly catch up when we get our production line going.


What materials do you tend to use when making your jewellery?
We love love love working with acrylic. It is so amazingly lightweight and versatile. And we also like working with tassels – they are such a fun trend! They can be made to look super cute and exciting, or really classy and luxe. At the moment, we are just loving working with clear acrylic. Its subtle but also makes an impact, and is perfect as it literally goes with anything and is perfect for summer! In the new year, we hope to get some free time to expand on our pom-pom range.


What would you like people to know when they hear your name “Deux Earrings”?
Shopping small, handmade, and local is SO much cooler than buying those SAME pairs of chain store earrings that literally every other second girl is wearing. It’s such a rad feeling knowing you are wearing something that is a one-of-a-kind and unique pair of earrings, which are custom-designed to fit your personal style!

Deux Earrings
Official website:
Social media: Facebook, Instagram


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