The Gourmet Breakfast Café

Words & photos by Jessie Krieg

The Gourmet Breakfast Café doesn’t advertise itself in any capacity, but with a line up of customers out the door most weekends, it seems that they don’t need to! Patrons of this hidden gem flock eagerly through its doors to take in their some of the freshest breakfasts and brunches our fair city has to offer. What makes it so fresh? In a way that has been done for 3 generations, The eggs served to you are laid by hens right on the premises and collected by manager and great granddaughter Jess, just like her father, his father and HIS father before him, every day.


The cafe will be celebrating its 2nd birthday this coming Easter – however – the locally owned and operated farm behind the farm fresh eggs has been going strong for since 1927! Starting out as a hobby farm in Broken Hill, Solar Eggs is now South Australia’s’ largest egg producer.


The cafe is accompanied by a continental deli with produce that is reflected in the cafe menu. Like what’s on your plate? Pick it up to take home on your way out! From cheese, bacon, seafood, pasta sauce and, of course, a seemingly endless supply of farm fresh south Australian eggs – the deli has it all.


It’s certainly not a case of quality over quantity, as the Gourmet Breakfast Cafe has both in spades. Their stringent egg certification process, Solar Integrity, (which currently exceeds the national industry standard) ensures that you are receiving the highest possible quality of egg every time – Fresh, Free range and Flawless.


If you can find it and if you can find a spare table, go and find out for yourself how truly “egg-ceprionally egg-cellent” the Gourmet Breakfast Cafe really is!

Address: 12 Kinkaid ave, North Plympton


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