GINGZILLA: Glamonster VS The World (Review)


Words by Molly-Jean Hopkins
Photos by  Adelaide Fringe

Overall rating: ★★★★½

What’s better than a free drag show? A *good* free drag show!

I have nothing against the art or stage drag. I find it reassuring to know however much makeup I wear, I’ll be easily outdone by the performers (and likely a fair portion of the audience). However, Gingzilla goes beyond the theatricality of heavy brows and glitzy costumes, exploring the lighter side of gender roles and femininity from the Golden Age where women were seen and not heard.

Gingzilla’s impeccable timing underscores each punchline and while some of the earthier slapstick comedy is, at times, drawn out, all is forgotten when Gingzilla’s spine tingling voice reverberates through the room, sliding through the octaves with an effortless grace. The self-depreciating humour is well-received when she suddenly breaks from a pitch-perfect note and slumps into the vernacular of the drawing Australian male.

Audience participation is guaranteed and I consider myself lucky to have been groped by the Queen of Monsters.

For those of who you missed out on watching this 7ft temptress, we have good news! Gingzilla has extended her performances by a week, so there’s still time to bask in the magic that this impeccable woman loves sharing with her crowd during and outside her show! Find all the details here and purchase your tickets NOW!

Extended dates & times

  • Monday 6th – 8pm
  • Thursday 9th – 8pm
  • Friday 10th – 10pm
  • Saturday 11th – 10pm

GINGZILLA: Glamonster VS The World
Date attended: 04/03/2017
Venue: The Lookout @ Raj House, 54 Hyde Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Social media: Adelaide Fringe // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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