Phonatic, Hindley Street

Words and photos by Jessie Krieg

It’s a family affair at Phonatic!

We won’t spoil the story of how this incredible restaurant came to be – it’s truly inspiring and a bit of a tear jerker – but we WILL tell you that this little eastern eatery is simply Phontastic!

“You come in as a customer, but you leave as a friend” is their motto and it couldn’t be more accurate. Not only is the food to die for, the aesthetic of walking into an authentic Vietnamese eatery brings with it a warm and friendly level of service. The staff is welcoming and gives the feeling that you’ve just been to visit an old friend.

What makes us even more excited about the food is the fact that the open kitchen allows you to watch the magic unfold before you. Each item is lovingly handcrafted from scratch with fresh ingredients, which is undoubtedly why the food is bursting with the flavour of TLC.

The star of the show was the traditional Vietnamese cold rolls and (after several failed attempts at rolling ourselves) restaurant owner Adam took pity and treated us to a cold roll rolling master class. Filled with sweet pork meatballs, sugarcane prawn cakes, rare wagyu beef and a garden of fresh vegetables, the cold rolls were promptly devoured to the tune of semi organismic groans of delight and incredible mouth feels.

We cannot NOT mention the diverse selection of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly foods on the menu. Although not specifically written, head chef Ly was more than willing and able to point us in the right direction and even alter a dish to suit our palate. The wait staff were no exception to the excellence of the evening either – friendly, attentive and full of conversation.

Adorned with hanging lanterns, beautiful cherry blossoms and amazing wall art depicting a history of the Vietnamese immigrants’ journey, the dining at Phonatic is truly a delightful gastronomic experience for all the senses. If you’re lucky, Adam may even treat you to a set on the decks, reminiscent of his DJing days!

Do yourself a favour and head over to their Facebook page to read up on their family history before heading in to visit them personally – we promise it will make your visit all the more special.


Phonatic Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 171 Hindley Street Adelaide
Opening hours: Open 7x days a week for lunch // dinner
Social media: Official website // Facebook

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