Steve Hughes – Adelaide Fringe (REVIEW)

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Words by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Adelaide Fringe + official website

Overall rating: ★★★★1/2

You know how they say “think before you speak”? Well, that’s an optional thing for Steve Hughes -and that’s why we love him for his bold and frank attitude, when he speaks about everyday happenings in a seriously hilarious and attention-grabbing manner.

Donning a sophisticated shorter ‘do than the classic long-haired, metal head look that all long-term Steve Hughes fans are normally used to, the man delivered 75 minutes of quality entertainment by discussing serious and real topics in a way that can only be described as “laughable” – literally!

While there is limited interactive components with the audience, Hughes makes sure that we are all included. Hughes takes the forefront with challenging all our beliefs and voices our inner thoughts with a 100% no-bullshit attitude. He’s the friend that everyone will either love or hate. Either way, you won’t want to walk away, because he embarks on a theme of dark humor to raise some valid arguments that can pretty much rock our society’s “traditional values” in a fantastic and cut-throat manner!

Hughes has a level of charm, wit, and originality that effortlessly makes him stand out from the rest of his counterparts in the field of comedy. There were moments that made me question whether he was being serious, whilst simultaneously hoping it was a joke to warrant the laughter fits that involuntarily came out of me.

Drawing in from his experiences, journeys across the different countries of the world, and adding a bit of his own authentic spin, Hughes left the audience in stitches. There is no “line” when it comes to watching and hearing Hughes – he says it in clear black and white form. The man has been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows and we give kudos to Hughes for using these inspirations to craftily design his impeccable talent of making people laugh at him as well as with him.

While he basically exposes his alternative way of thinking in a comedic manner, his views do leave you pondering and even provide you with a different standpoint that (even if you don’t necessarily agree with it) makes you at least consider the possibility of looking at an issue or a topic from another perspective.

This show is not for the easily offended. There will be topics such as feminism, dick pics, mental health, and social justice warriors, which will be crushed to its very core. “Politically correct” is not a term that Hughes is familiar with. Expect coarse language (for all the right reasons) and bursts of laughter from the audience every couple of seconds. As fellow show attendee Jamie puts it, Steve Hughes’s show is “a comedic take on the values surrounding PC [politically correct] culture”.

Steve Hughes will be performing for one more night at the Arts Theatre on 12/03/2017 – get your tickets now by heading to the Adelaide Fringe website here.



Steve Hughes

Date attended: 12/03/2017
Venue: Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Social media: Adelaide Fringe // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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