The Beautiful Bogan

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Adelaide Fringe
Overall rating: ★★★★½
Who knew that one of Adelaide Fringe’s lovable comedic gems lives right here in the Northern ‘burbs?! Marc Ryan is a self-proclaimed “beautiful bogan”, who has put together a 60+minute show that delves into his personal journey of becoming a stand-up comedian. Throughout his entertaining show, the audience experiences waves of different emotions – grief, sadness, passion, love, and determination (to name a few).
Sure, Marc may not be that beautiful on the outside, but he proves to us how truly beautiful he is on the inside – think of a human teddy bear with a heart and a soul that just wants to keep giving! A bearded man with a soft spoken voice and a larger than life attitude, Marc talks through the highs and lows in his life, which helped him grow as a person with a purpose.
Considering how Marc only got into the stand-up comedy scene 5 years ago, he has established himself to be quite the successful Bogan – from getting a 4.5 star rating at his debut Fringe show in 2015 to being SA’s Raw Comedy national finalist in 2014, Marc stayed true to his word and honestly helped us (as the audience) forget about all our worries during his show. We laughed at him, we laughed with him. His sense of humor is refreshing. As Marc says, “life’s not fair…no one ever said it was ever meant to be”! So, he uses this well-versed phrase to turn his life around. His material is highly relatable and will tug at your heart strings in a deep sense.
The setting in the beer garden of the Producers Bar was simply perfect – it felt like we were at a house party and Marc was clearly the comedic relief who made a balmy, summery evening a truly enjoyable one. This show has an interesting take on the middle class families of Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs – in a delightful and lighthearted manner! Everything from losing a loved one to deciding on whether to keep the iconic mullet to taking a big leap and changing careers (and making it one of the toughest yet best decisions ever) is discussed in a way that brings the audience to tears (from laughing too hard)! Marc delivered us with a “wholesome evening”, which resulted in every single audience member leaving the show with a big smile and a handshake from the man himself.
Marc’s final show is playing TONIGHT at 730pm – book your tickets now and prepare yourself for a lovely night with The Beautiful Bogan.
The Beautiful Bogan
Date Attended: 17/03/2017
Venue: 235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5001 (The Producers Bar)
Social media: Adelaide Fringe // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube

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