The Greens Sandwich Bar & Cafe

Words & photos by Jessie Krieg

It’s been a week since this unique little eatery opened its doors and already their sensational salads and sandwiches are setting tongues wagging! It’s no secret that us Aussies have a fetish for all things American, none more than their food and beverages. Over the past few years, Adelaide has seen a huge influx in the number of restaurants and cafes who are dedicated to serving up supersized sugary treats and good ol’ fashioned American BBQ. Places like Low and Slow, The Sneaky Pickle, Chuck Wagon, 50Sixone and Sugar Shack Diner are frequently snapped, tweeted and Instagrammed by excited diners eager to be a part of this delicious trend.


Personally, as decedent and aesthetically enticing as these places may be, my palette is not entirely equipped to handle these potentially diabetes-inducing creations, and the massive amounts of BBQ sauce laden meats are just far too much for my omnivorous diet. It’s no reflection on them by any means – it’s just simply not for me.

So now I’ve come to Greens and I’m incredibly excited to be able to literally feed my hunger for the American Dream here in Adelaide. It’s fresh, unique and exciting both in food and shop fit-out (which was all done by co-owner/head chef/builder Marty himself). Marty and his lovely wife Jordan returned from a gastronomical ‘vaycay’ to her US homeland early this year and immediately set to work to bring these culinary creations with them. From bagels, to ciabattas, rye bread and baguettes (not forgetting the classing sandwich on white) – these are lovingly hand crafted and made to order.

If carbs are the enemy, then their salads will surely entice you to have a try. Co-owner Jordan sat and spoke with me, expressing that she couldn’t believe how little food you get for your money here in The land of Aus, and how it’s insane that everything costs extra; sauce, chips etc. AMEN SISTER!! That’s why, in the pursuit of happiness, all the sandwiches here at Greens are big enough to split between two, served with a large helping of chips and and pickle, just like back home – with an exceptionally reasonable priced menu, the most expensive single item being just $16.50.


If you’re as indecisive as me, and perhaps a bit of a sucker for trends, then you cannot go past a platter. You can take your pick from the more traditional boards, with fruits, cheeses and small goods OR you can really get on board and grab yourself the “Bagel Board Taster” which will serve up a selection of bagels for you and your friends to share.


I certainly haven’t forgotten those of you with a sweet tooth. True to American form, the menu DOES include the option to indulge, but in a way that’s unique to Greens: dessert sandwiches. Yes. Dessert Sandwiches. Forget the bread, they use donuts and cookies instead!! I’m choosing not to go into too much detail with these as I want you to come and see for yourselves! #divine!

Don’t forget, Greens do breakfast too. Tonnes of vegetarian options, sweet and savoury options too. The choice really is yours!! (But try the Smashed Greens – it’s definitely the BEST choice) Ladies and gents, your heard it here first – Greens Sandwich Bar and Cafe is Glenelg’s most incredible sandwich bar and you absolutely must come and try it today!

The Greens Sandwich Bar & Café
Address: 47 Jetty Road, Glenelg SA 5045
Hours:     Open from 6:30am for coffee, 7:30am for breakfast – 5:30pm 7x days a week


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