Honorè’s Hidden Gem – Words and Photos by Jessie Krieg

Honores House is just as it sounds. Like visiting an old friend and being welcomed into the family with a delicious and lovingly prepared home cooked meal – this little artisan bread shop is the cutest little cafe you ever did see and is truly what it means to be a hidden gem.

The Bakery is an Artesan bread house turned cafe with a fusion of Philipino cuisine and Parisian French bakery. The stall itself has been a part of the central markets for the past 6 years, Providing shoppers with a selection of dairy and gluten-free sweets and other baked goods. Honores has now provided a cute little Sanctuary to sit and enjoy their goods, right on premises.

The menu also includes an array of traditional Philipino dishes which are all prepared in house, using the local fresh produce available at their doorstep in the markets.

Options are healthy and tasty and true to home style Philipino cuisine- just like mum used to make!

It’s cute, cozy and so intimate that you can tuck yourself away into the little couples corner and hide away from the world. Sit and enjoy a classic Philippine grill or main meal, gourmet toasted sandwiches, organic cold or hot brewed teas or a fine Italian roasted coffee.

In just 12 short weeks, these 4 little tables and 2 passionate owners have transformed this one little stall into a gorgeous little hidden gem.

Shop 22a – central markets arcade


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