The Island – by Jessie Krieg

The passion continues!
Over Christmas, I had the absolute pleasure of venturing south to the stunning Kangaroo Island.

For YEARS I had pondered over going “over seas” to visit but was regularly talked out of it by a certain someone who shall remain nameless. 

“It’s soooo boring! It’s just a giant national park that’s freezing cold with a couple of koalas.”

Oh my. How this statement couldn’t be further from the truth! I now kick myself for allowing myself to trust someone else’s judgement without making a decision for myself.

The island is picturesque, to say the least, and thriving with an abundance of locally grown produce. Wines, gins, cheeses, honey, lavender and eucalyptus products, seafood – the list goes on. Not only was there a treasure trove of things to taste, but the island activities were just as varied. Getting up close and personal with creepy crawlies, slippery sliders and flying feathered friends at the Raptor Domain and Venom Pit was as educational as it was entertaining, and Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action certainly lived up to its name. (We were sadly rained out of our Marine adventure, however we’ve heard wonderful things about this too).

Unfortunately, as all good things do, out time on the island came to an end and even though we stocked up on our favourite souvenirs and foodstuffs, the provisions soon ran dry and we were left with nothing but the joyous memories of what once was.

Though we had hoped to revisit the little slice of heaven again over Easter, the cost of travel on the ferry hindered the options and the idea was soon abandoned. 

Which made me wonder – how do I satisfy my need for fresh KI produce without breaking the bank? And then the heavens opened, the angels sang and a golden light beamed down to shine its light upon the little stall that would – (actual events may have been edited for dramatic effect).

Upon investigation, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she Kangaroo Island Stall has been supplying us “northerners” with KI wares since 2014 from their little kiosk in the Adelaide Central Market. It stocks an extensive and might I add, impressive range of Island produce, spirits, wine, health and beauty products sourced direct from over 25 producers. 

The super friendly staff all have a great knowledge and passion for the Island, many are natives themselves. They are always willing to support the “try before you buy” method – offering a gorgeous menu for sampling their goods. 

” The new gin bar at the @KangarooIslandStall is so popular! With over 450 #authenticKI products how can you go wrong! We can’t wait for Tasting Australia in Victoria Square.” – @authentickangarooisland 

I was also pleased to discover that the stall also offers an online shop with full range of Kangaroo Island products delivered Australia wide.

I couldn’t be more excited to share the stall with the citizens of Adelaide, and even more so, our international visitors from abroad – I cannot WAIT to visit the island again, but in the mean time, I’ll be settling in the the Kangaroo Island Stall and reminiscing about the ambiance of this southern slice of paradise.

Kangaroo Island Produce stall is localed at stall 17 in the Adelaide Central Markets


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