Viva la Revolucion!! – words and photos by Jessie Krieg

Forget everything you thought you knew about Mexican Food, say “Adios” to your Old El Paso taco and burrito kits and vamos to Revolucion Mexicana for the traditional and authentic taste of Mexico!

You could be forgiven for nearly walking straight past this new Central Arcade Eatery – with its unsigned store front and its trestle table interior. 
I nearly did it myself – I nearly did it myself until I happened to see the giant “Gluten free – vegan” sign written on my he oversized wall menu. Words that always peak my interest. 

Tacos, Burritos and Nachos – oh my! Mole, Sangria, tequila – oh my!! The revolution was calling my name as I sauntered into the little cantina. It’s walls adorned in pictures of men in sombreros and revolutionary regalia, colourful flags hanging from the ceiling. 

It’s always such a joy for someone like myself (coeliac) to find a menu that is 99% gluten free WITHOUT having to impose a strict subscription campaign. The reason for the coeliac friendly menu is that the food here is, in fact, authentic Mexaicab food. That is to say that the corn tortillas are HAND MADE, fresh every morning, using a traditional corn based recipe handed down from generation to generation. The Beef Barbacoa, Chicken Poblano and Pork Pastor or Carnitas are marinated in authentic Mexican spices and lovingly slow cooked to perfection. 

All the ingredients are locally sourced, fresh from the markets next door and there is not a processed or prepackaged item to be found. Nothing but fresh, tasty and made with TLC.

Despite a few minor logistical setbacks – (several shipping containers full of furniture and decor imported straight from south of the border mysterious disappearing) – the restaurant has opened and is taking bookings left right and centre in the makeshift market eatery. 

What it lacks in decor – it certainly makes up for in flavour. 

It’s real food that, to the untrained, uncultured eye, appears to be very different to what we grab in the yellow boxes at Coles. The tacos are NOT served in crispy, yellow, machine made shells, stuffed with all kinds of salad and condiments. Instead, Revolucion Mexicana sticks with the tried and true methods of old. less is more and the wonderfully soft corn tortillas come with little more than the choice of meat and a pinch of salsa. The flavours speak for themselves and the extra bells and whistles are not missed. 

There’s no need to wait for lunch or dinner either – as the restaurant also offers a hearty breakfast menu suitable for vegans, vegetarians and ceoliacs too. As well as all you non-food-challenged diners. All Mexican style, all authentic and all delicious.

Andale andale and get to the Adelaide Central Market Arcade for a feast fiesta for the senses! get amongst it®

47 Central Market Arcade, Adelaide, SA 


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