So…. why Adelaide Fusion?

So why Adelaide Fusion?
There are many reasons why one would choose to get into the journalism or writing game. From what I could see, there was an extensive range of young adults or teenagers, paving the way for many, like myself, to get on board the gravy train of blogging. A free dinner here, a product launch there, fashion parade and gifting next weekend and of course the perks of being able to mingle with the variable Who’s Who of Adelaide. I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to flick through the Sunday mail and see yourself all glammed up in the social pages like you’re a notable “someone”. And if I’m truly honest with you, the whole reason I decided to start writing in the first place is so that I could dress up and look fancy and go along to all of these posh events.

After writing for certain other publications for a period of time I begin to resent the work. Not only was paid very little, if at all, for my hours of work, (often to have it credited to somebody else), I realise that what I was writing was not always what I believed. Having said that, I made it my mission never to write an out right lie. Many times I found myself omitting certain things or creating such a diplomatic dialogue that I, myself, couldn’t even seem to find the truth in between the lines.

It wasn’t until I was out at yet another event, and had an epiphany. I was going to the events, meeting the right people, talking the talk and walking the walk all for the benefit of somebody else’s business. Why could I not do this for myself?

And so Adelaide Fusion was born. At the time it was myself and good friend who decided to take on the challenge of starting our own social media enterprise; being able to write what we, want, when we want, how we wanted sounded all too exciting… at the time.

As we slowly grew, my co-founder became increasingly busy with her other work and so stepped away from our little venture to concentrate on her paid work and uni studies; which left me with the rains and also a heck of a lot of thinking to do.

I spent many a night pondering on my couch trying to work out exactly what direction to take with the blog. I did not want to focus solely on food, however struggle to find any fashion that I can passionately write about. I also did not want to become a photographer as my love and desire to write about things I love was too strong.

And what I found that I love was writing true and honest accounts of all things South Australia.

Having been a successful business owner myself in a previous life, one thing that I struggled with was negative comments left on social media. Understandably, not everybody will have the same experience of a business, however it seems that bad news spreads like wildfire and good news plants few seeds at all.

So I made my motive this; when I find something that I truly find inspiring, exciting, or just a little bit cool, I would tell people about it. If I came across something that was not necessarily my cup of tea I would leave it for others to experience on their own. Far be it from me to leave a negative response when my experience may differ so vastly from someone else’s.
I also decided that it was important to write about places that may not have been featured prominently on places like Instagram because their food is an aesthetic armoury. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is Fantastic that something maybe covered in flowers and fairy floss and all things funky and fun, we can really eat with our eyes sometimes, but when it lacks in flavour or good customer service then the whole exercise seems a little futile.

It was important to me not to have my opinion bought. Through my experiences writing for other publications, I felt that it was expected of me to write a positive and glowing report of an establishment or event regardless of what my true feelings were. Of course, if a business buys a publicity package with social and online marketing, they expect to have nice things written. I felt as if I was selling a part of my soul every time I had to write something that I do not believe. And so, I didn’t.

Adelaide fusion now exists to launch the little guy, and be there to excitedly showcase the good that South Australia has to offer. The little guys. The people who passionately produce first class, Gold star and lovingly created goods made by South Australian’s for South Australians and indeed, those lucky patrons around the world.

You can rest assured that I will continue to turn down any monetary offer for what I write. I also do not believe that one should ever arrive with the expectation of a free meal, good or service. We should be supporting these businesses, not exploiting or extorting them. Please don’t think, however, that I don’t condone those who do. I understand that business is business and people must make a living. This choice is just simply not for me. Each to their own and all power to those lucky few who CAN make a living from this work.

If you truly love something, you should shout it from the mountaintops. Tell everyone you know and grab your friends to drag them along to experience it for themselves.

What I do at Adelaide fusion can sometimes be a labour, but it is certainly a labour of love.

I am passionate, enthusiastic and excited to share with you and the world the amazing things that South Australia has to offer! I love what I do and I love doing it and I hope you enjoy reading about it all. 


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