The Spot on Melbourne – it’s a yes from me!! 

Trying new things can always be risky – but of course that’s half the fun. I love to try new things and there’s not much more exciting than being rewarded for the effort of taking the risk.

Today, as I waiting for an appointment in North Adelaide, I took a stroll up the beautiful Melbourne street. It’s both fresh and historic with hidden treasures around every corner. What I love about this iconic area is that amongst the many heritage listed buildings, a whole array of new and exciting cafes and eateries have popped up – adding new life to the area. 

There were so many to choose from and it took quite a lot of inner conflict before I found the one that was calling my name. I found it. It was The Spot. 

Modern and fresh, open and inviting – The Spot on Melbourne encompasses everything that excites me. This gorgeous Vietnamese diner is a family affair – a family who strive to take the utmost pride in their food, feel and service and boy, does it show!

There’s no better set up to a meal than to be warmly welcomed into the establishment. It sets the tone and ambiance of what to expect as a diner and my expectations were certainly exceeded. 

I could immediately feel the sense of care taken what was about to be served. The offer the daily special – pho (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup) with a complimentary coffee was too hard to resist. I also couldn’t go past the pork and prawn cold rolls – both dishes being completely gluten free.

The coffee was splendid. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the quality of a regular flat white as a Vietnamese restaurant; being familiar with the traditional Vietnamese coffee as a very strong and very sweet iced beverage. The coffee I received was smooth and creamy and just lovely in its entirety.

There was barely a wait at all for my meal to arrive – just enough time for the selection of herbs, spices and sauces to be placed on the table with a smile. Fresh cut lime, chillies, bean sprouts and some kind of greenery (some kind of basil or mint? I neglected to ask!) – all so colourful and vibrant and just begging to adorn my soup. Not that the Pho needed any dressing up at all. It was rich and brothy – a standard Pho flavour but with a hearty and homely feel that needs to be experienced rather than explained. It was unlike any Pho I’ve had before and even in writing this now I can feel my mouth salivating with anticipation of the next meeting.

The cold rolls were too very yummy, but what set them a part was the sauce. This sauce. Oh. My. Goodness. 

It was explained to me by Leo that this sauce is their pride and joy. Not your average peanut sauce – this is hand made and infused with coconut flesh and armomatics. It’s unbelievable! I had to order more cold rolls to take advantage of the sauce and I couldn’t help but use my teaspoon to scoop up the remainder. Although the sauce was unique and delicious – what made me the most excited was the way in which is was delivered; with such passion and enthusiasm. As with all the dishes presented, I was also given an explanation and backstory – a culinary education. I could practically taste the love and care put into it and Leo’s conviction was just heartwarming. Truly remarkable.
The little spring rolls were exactly as described – not your average roll. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it; they were bright and crunchy in their rice paper cover, but creamy and sweet on the inside. Again – a dish you simply must try!!

Apart from the obviously delicious food on offer, the most exciting part about this restaurant was the obvious passion which the food was delivered.  

As I’ve mentioned before, a great meal isn’t always about the food. It’s about the entire experience. It’s about the ambience created by the staff and the feeling you get when you’re seated in their establishments.
In this case, the food was exquisite and the experience was warm, friendly, educational and welcoming. Delivered with such gusto and love, it is definitely The Spot on Melbourne for me. Get amongst it!

The Spot on Melbourne is located at 

133 Melbourne street, North Adelaide and is also available via UberEATS


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