Taste of Nepal – A Taste of Heaven!! 

I often start my write ups with a paragraph that explains how excited I get when talking about amazing local produce or businesses – often I also add in how much more Exciting it is when local businesses support each other. I feel like I’m a pretty passionate person and really take my writing to heart. If a person/place/thing has inspired me enough to want to write about it, then it’s very important to me that I write in such a way that does them justice. To be able to share an incredible experience with others around me by just using my words is a job that can be as daunting as it is rewarding.

In this case it is nerve wrecking. As I sit to write I feel as if I’m undertaking a final exam in uni, desperately hoping that my words with somehow be enough to fully capture and recount this divine dining experience with the same passion, dedication and love that was demonstrated to me.
This month, Adelaide Fusion is cruising around Adelaide finding the very best gluten free dining that breaks the mould and offers something outside of the norm. Check out this weeks journal entry!

Taste of Nepal

In all honesty, there isn’t a journalist nor poet on earth who could do literary justice to this restaurant and it’s owners. From the moment you walk in the door, the feeling of true Nepalese culture and cuisine cannot be put into words.

I was overjoyed to find that at least 95% of the menu options are inherently gluten free. Not only this, but just about everything can also be made vegetarian or vegan. This is exciting for me because it simply means allergy sufferers and lifestyle alterers do not have to pick the brains of the waiter to ensure sufficient changes can be made, and a suitable meal can be produced.

The other thing that is brilliant about the menu is that no real changes have been made to the cuisine to suit an Australian palette. The recipes are authentic and as they would be if served in Nepal. Even dishes like Water Buffalo (a very popular Nepalese street food) are served up as standard. Sourced locally from a farm in Murray Bridge, no corners are cut in the preparation of any dish.

The herbs and spices used in the kitchen are hand ground for each individual dish. That’s right – nothing is pre packaged or left to sit for weeks, even months on end. They are ground, fresh to order, when it’s ordered. And the attention to detail does not go unnoticed. The aromas, tastes and smells have me swept up in a nostalgic daydream even now as I write this. They linger and develop with every delicious mouthful and wrap up your senses with a blanket of culinary genius.

These are the same exact spices used in Nepal – grown in the Himalayan mountains, they produce a taste and quality that cannot be imitated. These are the same recipes that Head Chef and Owner Kashi wrote and developed himself through an impressive career. A career that lead him to be the head chef of some of Adelaides best restaurants and also to open the very first Nepalese restaurant in South Australia – a legacy that his sons Rajan and Kamal hope to preserve.

It’s an art that seems to be getting lost even in Nepal, as infrastructure changes and makes room for more modern ways of cooking. Kashi and his wife hold the ways of old dear to their hearts and push to keep traditions alive by recreating a taste of Nepal even in their own backyard. They’ve even started a YouTube channel called AAma Babas kitchen (dad and mums kitchen) that shows step by step methods to create their much loved recipes as they would be back home. Rajan sat with us a while and talked passionately about his family and their accomplishments. He has even began writing a book about his fathers life and a collection of recipes to ensure the legacy endures. The look in his eyes as he spoke is impossible to capture in words and left us reminiscing even about our own childhoods and beloved family memories.

The service was impeccable, the food was divine and the ambience was nearly surreal. There truly is not enough to be said about the whole experience. It simply cannot be put into words. It’s no surprise that Taste of Nepal has received an host of accolades for its service. Number 1 restaurant in the suburb of Norwood and a Trip advisor award of excellence, just to name a couple.

You really must try Taste of Nepal for yourself- I urge you!!

Unique, Unreal and unusual Gluten Free feeds.

300 The Parade, Kensington,

Adelaide, 5068


Sunday – Thursday

5pm – 9:30pm

Friday – Saturday

5pm – 10pm

(08) 8332 2788


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