Find a Furby?! We found the Furbmaster! 

Street art has hit the City of Churches so hard it may actually be time to rename us the Metropolitan of Murals! Restaurants, cafes, backpackers hostels and every business in between have jumped on the brightly coloured band wagon with such gusto that even local councils are climbing aboard.

Earlier this year we saw the Port Adelaide “Wonderwalls” festival come to life, with artists from around the globe coming together to spruce up the once run down suburb, breathing new life into its walls. Giant murals apashes across the surfaces of buildings through the suburb, bold and brilliant – impossible to miss.

There is one artist, however, who (up until recently) has remained incognito and in the shadows. A simple game of Peek-a-boo has taken the city by storm! There’s even an instagram tag and account dedicated to #findafurby –

For a few months now, these adorable (albeit freakish) little fuzzies has been a hop topic of conversation. It’s like a city wide game of hide and seek and it’s exciting for furby finders young and old.

They’ve taken over the streets of Adelaide! Popping up on street corners, buildings, alley ways and windows across the city, the Furby invasion has citizens excited to explore their surroundings like never before!

We managed to track down the elusive, shall we say – Furbmaster, and ask …. “hey….. what’s with all The Furbys?!”


” I think its important to be a litte childish and to be curious. I always believed that fairys lived in the back yard and that gremlins came out at night and ruled the streets; I’m also still waiting for my hogwarts letter. The furby invasion is my way of trying to lure that curiosity out of others and simply seeing if I could do it.

I never had a furby as a kid so this is definitely some kind of subconscious rebellion. Furbys have this weird cult status being both cute and terrifying. You either love them or hate them.
I got my first furby last year (a pale blue one) at a market in the hills at easter time. It sits on my windowsill. I love it but I keep the batteries out because it freaks me out when it talks.

I have a definite memory of being in pre-school and painting water-colour flowers and finger painting and thinking that I wanted to do this forever. But really last year I was just sort of fed up with everything and I needed to do something big or I felt I might fall apart. Thankfully I don’t feel that way right now and I am doing a lot of art, (Not just the furbys) and I feel I am really progressing as an artist.
I am doing a lot of stencils of people also, mostly focusing on creating and develeping my style and constantly changing myself and what I call “space witches”, which I put up on the street all over Adelaide, but mostly in the city where I feel they have the most impact. I am also working on a few cut outs on brown paper that I will be putting up soon. I would love to put something up in a gallery (I have never done that before) and enter in the Archibald. And start a punk rock band and make a short film!

I guess my theme is trying to create my own mythology. With the “space witches”, some of them have names and stories behind them which I would really like to make into a zine. Other things, like the furbys, are just for fun and to hopefully brighten up someones day! I also hope it inspires others to go out and do some street art and make our streets more colourful and fun.

Everything thing I do is pretty spontaneous. I just put up a few furbys and then I couldn’t stop. Next thing I knew, they where in control!

Keep your eyes peeled for new colours and patterns comeing soon. I have a few plans for these little guys so stay vigilant!”


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