It’s more than a coffee – it’s a philosophy 

Making good coffee and fine food isn’t just a job – it’s a philosophy.
When Coffylosophy first opened its doors on hutt street 3.5 years ago, its aim was simple. Provide the people of Adelaide with an education in coffee perfection. Well, after sampling their liquid gold, might I say – Lesson learned!!

Coffylosophy is currently listed by Beanhunter as Top Cafe in Adelaide and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, it is. Few come close to being on the same level as their brilliant brew.

Each cup is loving crafted to perfection and even the babychinos are sent off the counter with the baristas hand over his heart. It’s inspiring to see a such passion and TLC be poured into each cup.

However, coffee isn’t what brought us to the cafe. As some of you may have read in previous posts, we are currently on a mission to find cafes and restaurants in Adelaide that offer Gluten free food outside of the norm. Places that don’t treat allergy sufferers as second rate citizens and offer limited menu options.

I’m so pleased to say that we’ve found a handful of amazing places so far, and we are proud to admit Coffylosophy to this order.
“Our menu includes something for everyone. Be it Coffees or Teas, Cold-drip or Hot-brew, Burgers or Salads, Sweet or Savoury, Filo or Sandwiches, Vegetarian or Meat, Hot or Mild, Smoothies or Juices, Cakes or Health Slices, Gluten-free or Dairy-free, Dine-in or Take-away, nobody goes home hungry.” – Coffylosophy

There certainly is something for everyone but it’s the breakfast menu at this cafe catches our eye. In fact, all but two items are available gluten free: including the granola! Granola is something I’ve not been able to enjoy for quite some time, so I excitedly pounced on the opportunity. It did not disappoint.

Then presentation was gorgeous and the best part was that the presentation did not oversell the actual taste. Too often we see meals with aesthetic prowess for days! But when push comes to shove, it’s taste leaves much to be desired and the meal ends up serving its purpose better as an instagram photo than actual edible. This certainly was not the case at Coffylosophy – the food tastes just as amazing as it looks!

Our aim was to find places that serve more than just cakes and salads, however it doesn’t hurt to mention that the cafe also features an impressive gluten free selection of both. Their macaroons, slices, biscuits, banana bread and protein balls are all made fresh daily from the local bakery down the road; baked with locally sourced ingredients. The salads, too, are also Market fresh; made on site with a customised Coffylosophy edge.

What excites me the most, however, about Coffylosophy, is how personal the experience is. The owner knows his customers by name and regularly has their orders, (food, coffee and all) ready and waiting before the client even has even approached the bench. A sign of a true hospitality master – Someone who has a genuine care and love for his work.

Coffylosophy is open 7 days a week and weekends can see customers lining up out the door just to get a taste of their custom made cold drip or hot cups of coffee. People have even been known to drive across town just to grab one of the incredible brew.

If you haven’t already, book yourself a breakfast date and head into Coffylosophy. Dietary and allergy requirements covered and a coffee for the ages.


Adelaide, South Australia 5000


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