Award winning vision

Their coffee is incredible and the food is no exception!
The building at 19 young street has been home to a multitude of business over the years. What started out as a Baptist church in the 1850’s and since played host to a motor car exchange, engineering company, legal office, real estate company, graphic design studio and printing hub.

Now it serves as a multipurpose function and training facility, The International Visualisation Centre, with onsite catering for events of all kinds. Now the bar/cafe has been opened up to the public for casual dining and has taken on new life within its historical walls.

Even if I didn’t like coffee (which is an absurd statement in itself) I would venture out of my way to Black Eagle Cafe Bar to get my hands one of their coffee creations.

It’s the cutest coffee in the city, and once you realise that’s it’s being made by one of the best baristas in the country, it’s even more exciting! They’re fresh and fancy and a little bit fun – Chad, the cages award winning barista, it’s a froth genius.

Of course, the coffee isn’t the reason we visited the cafe – its all part of our focus on Gluten Free month at Adelaide Fusion. We are tracking around the city and suburbs to find the very best of gluten-free food that consist of more than just a piece of grilled fish or a slice of crumbly cake.

Head chef Lee is very accommodating – happy to alter the menu to suit your needs, however most menu options are inherently Gluten Free.

His first selection was the Thai Squid Salad.

Thai squid salad is fresh and light and full of super foods like cucumber, kale, lime and chilli.

The squid is sourced from the Adelaide Central Market along with a host of the other ingredients. A beautiful, tangy Thai style dressing completes the dish perfectly with just enough kick from the chilli to leave the flavours lingering.

The textures compliment each other perfectly too – the light crackle of the shallots, crunch of the peanuts and the crispness of the kale with together with the soft and supple squid.

Next was The Stuffed portabello mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and danish feta.

They are rich and “meaty” and also serve as an incredible vegetarian option (even vegan without the cheese). A sightly heavier option, they’re cooked to perfection with the fresh tomatoes, feta and rocket nestled neatly on top.
Flavours compliment each other perfectly, negating the need to add salt or pepper. A flawless combination of colours, tastes and textures: the tangy and creamy cheese, acidity from the tomatoes and the peppery bite from the arugula. Filling and completely satisfying in every way.
The bar also boasts an impressive selection of cocktails; currently licensed from 5pm, and will be the perfect place for Friday knock off drinks and nibbles from the 1st of September. They will also be the only bar in the state to have a “spherical ice” machine – because…. spherical ice… what’s not to like?!

Aesthetically the meals are impeccable – such a diverse arrangement of colours leaves you with no doubt that your body is being nourished and nurtured with each and every bite.

The venue is spotlessly clean and perfectly maintained – From the fresh and authentic architectural design of the building to the friendly and accomodating staff, the creative and talented chef and the incredibly involved and passionate owners, Black Eagle Cafe Bar oozes potential and should definitely be experienced!


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