Superb Seafood in the heart of Adelaide

The Louca family has been supplying the people of Adelaide with the freshest and most sought after seafood in Adelaide since 1853.

What started out as a mom and pop fish and chip shop on the parade has now taken up residence in the heart of Adelaide CBD as is the premier specialty seafood restaurant in south Australia. Sourcing only the finest local South Australian and Australian produce, Loucas Seafood Grill is in a league of its own.

There is no compromise on quality, whatever the dish, and only the very best will do for restaurant owner and chef Peter Louca. This standard is effortlessly upheld even through their vast selection of gluten free dishes, and although not explicitly marked, Loucas is able to create the majority of their menu in a ceoliac friendly way upon request – entree, main or dessert!

Two dishes in particular stood out to us because we have rarely, if ever, seen them produced without flour or glutenous ingredients in such a superb way.

The battered king George whiting was impeccable. Incredibly light, crisp and golden with a flesh that all but melts in your mouth.

The freshness was incomparable to other seafood restaurants and absolutely adhered to the high standards you can expect from Loucas. Deep fried to perfection without being too oily or greasy and seasoned so well I didn’t even use my lemon – (which for me, is a big deal!) It certainly isn’t a case of quality over quantity, as the portion sizes are very generous with two perfectly sized fish fillets, chips and salad perfectly presented on my plate. A brilliant lunch option which won’t leave you feeling bogged down by a heavy, stodgy batter as per the GF norm.

I was more than excited to learn that the seafood chowder was also gluten free! Because no thickeners are used in their home made recipe, the chowder is rich, brothy, buttery with a bounty of shellfish and seafood. It’s flavours are almost indescribable as the freshness transcends any usual chowder. An absolutely divine choice as an entree or main.

The CBD location makes Loucas the perfect please for your corporate function or working lunch – your ceoliac co-workers needn’t suffer in silence as they are well catered for. Even casual dining is sublime as the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and work with the utmost sense of professionalism.

There’s also a very impressive selection of South Australian wines to choose from!

Loucas Seafood and Grill is an outstanding selection for Gluten free dining in Adelaide, and dare we say, Australia. 5 star service, atmosphere and menu, and hands down, a 5 star experience all around.


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