Yum yum Beach Bum! 

How exciting it is to try something new – in a World that often promotes but rarely accepts change, trying something outside of the usual is like stepping Into an alternate reality.As seems to be the case at Beach Bum in Noeth Adelaide. It speaks to us at Adelaide Fusion on a spiritual level because, like us, it’s something a bit different that sways from the norm and fuses a uniquely eclectic union of flavour and fun.

The theme of both the food and decor is modern Japanese/Hawaiian Fusion and the mark is hit dead on.

The interior is decorated with combi vans and street art style chalk drawings with an urban scaffold finish. Unique and modern and just a little bit hipster.

The food is out of this world!! Just reading the menu is like an adventure – as your mind connects the culinary dots etched out on paper, your mouth salivates in anticipation! Not to mention that a significant portion of the food on offer is gluten free OR can be made gluten free on request! So Beach Bum is a perfect addition to our Focus on Gluten Free list.
Coffee seasoned scotch fillet. Yes – you read that right. Coffee season scotch fillet with cos, mint, tomato, melon, daikon, shallot, black bean dressing and Hawaiian dukkah.

It sounds like an obnoxious mish mash of flavours that would be overpowering and chaotic at best – what in reality the result is an extremely delicate palette of perfectly infused flavours that worth together harmoniously and create an incredibly balanced and refreshing salad.
Speaking of refreshing –
The Resort Salmon Ceviche is bright and just a little bit tart (and no, I’m not describing myself).

Raw Tasmanian salmon, grapefruit, avocado, corn and basil with a turmeric like dressing and poppy seeds. Fresh and exciting and another shining example of how a bunch of essentially random ingredients can become masterpiece of a dish. Unlike any ceviche we’ve ever tasted it’s definitely a must try!

As usual, the slow cooked 12 hour beef cheeks are not to be missed.

Soy chili glaze and tepanyaki vegetables make this the most familiar of the dishes – it’s melt in your mouth magic. A very simple and classic dish that’s full of flavour and perfectly portioned. We ordered 4 extra bowls of rice to soak up the sauce!!
One menu item that jumped off of the menu to me was the sushi taco. Sushi taco. What’s not to love?

My two favourite foods have finally been united in an amalgamation of exquisiteness and it’s every bit as decedent as I had hoped. It’s not listed as GF on the menu, but a simple request for a seared prawn instead of battered makes light work of that. Nori, rice, prawn and some really special mayo, edamame, enoki mushroom and coriander! Absolutely, positively delightful! Leaving me wanting more but actually incredibly filling considering the size.

There is a plethora of options available for a gluten free diet, as well as those following vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. The Pokè bowls are also an brilliant option and even open up some doors for personal exploration into the culinary arts. The drink specials are sublime and even the desserts are gluten free!

This place is new, exciting, hip and modern and we are exciting to be celebrating Beach Bums 1st birthday at the end of the month.


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