It’s WHERE?!?! – The Hindley blows minds! 

The Hindley, Adelaide City – is the flagship restaurant on the bottom floor of the new Hq complex on Hindley Street and it’s setting our tastebuds a blaze!

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Hindley Street?! – YES! – For decades this notorious neck of the woods has been look upon somewhat unfavourably. Its perceived seedy underbelly is a formidable deterrent for many and certainly doesn’t lend itself to culinarily prowess. 

The new Hq complex has completely (and very successfully) transformed the west end of the city into an entertainment Mecca. This multi functional, multi level, multi million dollar masterpiece will play host to over 150 live musical acts from around the world each year, providing and incredible boost to the arts in SA. 

What’s attached to this is the new restaurant – The Hindley – an unexpected but incredibly welcome diamond in the rough. It’s a far cry from the yiros, shisha and Vietnamese hot pot or cold rolls that have fed and watered the “Hindley Stree Hooligans” of days gone by. This upmarket eatery is such an remarkable balance of old and new and feeds its clientele with gourmet, quality food, without the over-the-top, snobby prices. 

We were blown away by the professionalism and knowledgeability of the staff. Floor manager Jack is hands on and proactive and knows the menu like the back of his hand, flawlessly pairing it with his impeccable wine knowledge. Along with his staff, he is attentive and accommodating without being intrusive. Quite often staff can make or break an establishment, and let us tell you – this place is it made in spades!

Head chef, Shane (formerly of The source and Zucca) is a coeliac and type 1 diabetic himself – he has worked his menu into submission and created a plethora of meals that taste delicious, look amazing and are able to be thoroughly enjoyed by lifestyle choicers and allergy sufferers alike. 

Diners are treated all day, from breakfast to last drink and dessert – each meal is meticulously prepared to the highest of standards. Even a humble burger has been curated for perfection. What we love is that even though the concept is a huge step up from the usual Hindley Street riff raff, the menu prices have not exceeded their potential. They are very competitive and certainly incredible value for money.

The food is to die for, the staff are divine and the atmosphere is sleek and Sophisticated . If we’re honest there’s not much else to say. It’s one of a very small number of establishments that we simply cannot fault. There is absolutely nothing to complain about or even to critique. It’s not often that’s were lost for words, however we think it highly deserves just one;



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